Booking a Ceilidh Band for your Wedding

As a recently engaged couple planning your dream wedding, there are a huge list of things to discuss, decide and subsequently book to ensure that your precept day is one which you will cherish and remember for ever with the fondest of memories.

Firstly, deciding when and where often depends on availability of wedding venues and this can be sometimes over a year in advance. It is right to consider all aspects of the venue such as location, number of guests it can accommodate, suitable dance floor, catering (in-house or external). Then there is the the service itself, vows, wedding cars, entertainment, wedding breakfast menu, evening buffet, and many other things too. HotScotch are listed in the Edinburgh Wedding Directory, a recently published website with a whole host of wedding suppliers based around the Edinburgh area.

Scottish Ceilidh band HotScotch are one of the finest Ceilidh Bands in Scotland. Lively, Energetic, Fun music for weddings, and other events.

The evening reception entertainment is a vital past of the wedding and a fantastic way to celebrate your wedding is by booking a traditional Scottish Ceilidh Band. This is a great way of ensuring that you and your guests have an energy-filled and enjoyable evening dancing to great live music. Ceilidh dancing is very social and also helps to mix both sides of the wedding party. It doesn’t matter if some people have never been to a ceilidh before or think they can’t remember the steps for the popular dances. A professional ceilidh band such as HotScotch will talk you through the dances so that everybody knows what to do and can really enjoy themselves.

HotScotch are one of Edinburgh’s top Ceilidh Bands and have played for literally hundreds of weddings over the years. Accordionist Paul Chamberlain, who was the first person to graduate with a Masters Degree in Accordion performance from the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland has played at concerts and events around the world and has led HotScotch Ceilidh Band since it’s formation in 2006.

HotScotch can also provide a disco & lighting package alongside the ceilidh should you wish to have a mixture of music during the evening.

The band travel all over the country to play so whether you’re looking for ceilidh bands in Glasgow, ceilidh bands in Scotland, ceilidh bands in Stirling, a ceilidh band in Dunfermline, or an Edinburgh ceilidh band of the highest quality, look no further than HotScotch Ceilidh Band. Simply visit their website to find out more information and get a quote for your wedding.

Busy summer for Edinburgh Ceilidh Band HotScotch

Edinburgh based HotScotch Ceilidh Band have had a very busy summer this year playing for functions around Scotland. What better way to celebrate at a wedding than an evening of ceilidh dancing where all the guests can have a great time. Accordionist Paul Chamberlain guides everybody through the dances so that they all know the basic steps and can fully enjoy the experience. All of the most popular dances are featured during a ceilidh with this Edinburgh Ceilidh Band, from the Gay Gordons, to the Dashing White Sargeant, Strip the Willow, Eightsome Reel, Canadian Barn Dance, Military Two-Step, Circassian Circle, Flying Scotsman, Virginia Reel, Cumberland Square Eight.

Ceilidh Bands come in all sorts of sizes and line-ups, and it is often down to personal preference which style of playing one prefers. The traditional line-up of Accordion, Fiddle and Drums can be augmented to include other instruments such as bagpipes, guitars, keyboard and double bass. One should also be satisfied when deciding on a band, that they use high quality, professional audio equipment capable of providing crystal clear sound.

Which are the most common dances?

Most Scottish Ceilidh Bands will have a caller, who will ensure that if some guests are not sure what to do, need a reminder or have never done ceilidh dancing before, then they’ll be able to join in without any problems and have a great night. Usually the caller will talk the guests through the dances and may also do a walk-through prior to beginning each dance. Some of the most popular dances are The Gay Gordons, Strip the Willow, The Dashing White Sergeant, The Flying Scotsman, Military Two-Step, The Eightsome Reel, Canadian Barn Dance, The Virginia Reel, The Cumberland Square Eight, and The Orcadian Strip the Willow.

How large does the dance floor need to be for Ceilidh Dancing?

All hotels and wedding venues will either have a dance floor built into the room, or will put one down prior to the evening function commencing. These vary greatly in size, but the generally, the larger the dancing area, the better.

Ceilidh and Disco Combination

Many Scottish Ceilidh Bands now offer an evening consisting of both Ceilidh Dancing and Disco music. This can be the perfect combination to cater for all tastes during the function and much more economical than hiring a Ceilidh Band and a separate DJ. It is usually possible to request certain tracks to be either played or avoided during the disco. Some couples decide to provide a complete playlist for the DJ, while others will make a list of the favourites to be included in the evening. Disco lighting is important and the addition of professional lighting effects makes the complete Ceilidh/Disco package.

HotScotch Ceilidh Band are one of the finest ceilidh bands in Scotland and have played for over 500 weddings since 2006. Their vast amount of experience will guarantee a professional and fun evening.