Hogmanay Ceilidh, ye Dancer!

Tickets are now available for Edinburgh’s best Hogmanay ceilidh on Tuesday 31st December. It will take place in the Assembly Roxy, a venue well known to ceilidh dancers in Edinburgh – lively, enthusiastic, relentless traditional dancing with the HotScotch Ceilidh Band.

HotScotch Ceilidh Band have been one of the regular ceilidh bands performing at Edinburgh Ceilidh Club for many years and are very much looking forward to what will be a tremendous evening and great way to bring in the New Year – Come along and join in the fun! All the favourite dances such as Dashing White Sergeant, Gay Gordons, Strip the Willow, Canadian Barn Dance, Cumberland Square Eight, Virginia Reel, Orcadian Strip the Willow, Borrowdale Exchange, Flying Scotsman and Eightsome Reel will be featured. There are instructions for most of these popular ceilidh dances here on the HotScotch Ceilidh Band Website.

Doors open 8:30pm. Dancing from 9pm. Finish 1am.
Licensed Bar. No smartphone restrictions!
Tickets: £28.90 online (including fees) from Eventbrite and Assembly Festival. No refunds.
Click here for ticket link on Eventbrite

HotScotch Ceilidh Band 10 Year Anniversary

Edinburgh based Ceilidh band HotScotch, are celebrating their 10 year anniversary in 2016. Their first function together was in February 2006 in Glasgow with original band members Paul Chamberlain – Accordion, and Jim Walker – Drums. The fiddler in the band at the time was Vicky Gray from Shetland. Michael Haywood took over the role of permanent fiddle player in 2014 and has been with the band since.

HotScotch Ceilidh Band back in 2006
HotScotch Ceilidh Band back in 2006


Paul Chamberlain  – Accordion

Paul is an accomplished accordionist and has won many competitions with his playing in both classical and Scottish music styles. He has made appearances at music festivals around Europe and also performed on live television in Russia and Finland. He formed HotScotch Ceilidh Band in 2006 and his arrangements and lively style of playing bring a fresh feel to the music. In October 2010, Paul represented the UK at the accordion world championships in Croatia. He graduated with a Masters in Music (performance) from the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland and teaches at the Merlin Academy of Traditional Music.

Michael Haywood – Fiddle

A virtuosic performer on both fiddle and sax, Michael has appeared in many leading venues including the Glasgow Royal Concert Hall, Sage Gateshead, The Barbican London, and has played on BBC Radio Scotland. He qualified with an honours degree in folk and traditional music degree from Newcastle University and is now a highly respected session musician. Michael was selected to join the prestigious Live Music Now! scheme, founded by Yehudi Menuhin and has provided hundreds of concerts across the UK and abroad.

 Jim Walker – Drums

Born in Canada, Jim came back to his roots in Scotland in 1984. His skills as a player and teacher of pipe band drumming, percussion and kit drumming have long been recognised and he adds an inventive and powerful rhythmic structure to the band. For several years, he toured with Ceolbeg and has also played with Ally Bain and Phil Cunningham and Sandy Brechin.

HotScotch are one of Scotland’s most popular wedding ceilidh bands and travel all over Scotland and the North of England as well as performing regularly overseas, including recent functions in Italy, Bahrain, Greece and Monaco. Their lively style of playing and rapport with the audience will have the dancers up on the floor all evening. All of the ceilidh dances can be called by the band to ensure everyone can join in whatever their experience.Ceilidh music is the ideal entertainment for a celebration of any kind. HotScotch has a lively style of playing and the band go above and beyond to ensure that everyone is up on their feet and having a great time. They cater to all ages groups and for everyone from experienced ceilidh dancers to casual party-goers and anyone in-between. Whatever your event, hire HotScotch Ceilidh Band and make sure it’s a memorable occasion for all involved!

New Video of Scottish Ceilidh Band HotScotch from a wedding at Houston House

HotScotch Ceilidh Band play all over Scotland for a variety of functions, but specialise in providing a professional evening’s entertainment for wedding receptions. They have years of experience between them, and have now been playing for over 10 years as a band.

This video was taken as the band had a soundcheck after setting up before the evening reception began. A very compact three-piece set-up comprising of Accordion, Fiddle and Drums, HotScotch Ceilidh Band can adapt to suit any size of venue and Houston house has a wonderful large ballroom with plenty of space for dancing.


Accordionist and leader of the band, Paul Chamberlain  is  an  accomplished  player and  has  won  many  competitions  with  his  playing  in both  classical  and  Scottish  music  styles.  He  has  made  appearances  at  music  festivals around  Europe  and  also  performed  on  live  television  in  Russia  and  Finland.  He  formed HotScotch  Ceilidh  Band  in  2006  and  his  arrangements  and  lively  style  of  playing  bring  a fresh  feel  to  the  music.  In  October  2010,  Paul  represented  the  UK  at  the  accordion  world championships  in  Croatia.  He  graduated  with  a  Masters  in  Music  (performance)  from  the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland and teaches at the Merlin Academy of Traditional Music.

HotScotch to play at Edinburgh Ceilidh Club, Summerhall

Edinburgh Ceilidh Band HotScotch are looking forward to playing again at Edinburgh Ceilidh Club on Tuesday 17th of May. The ceilidh takes place in Summerhall – a creative hub for the arts in Newington, Edinburgh.

The dancing begins at 8pm and instructions will be given for all the dances so if you are a novice ceilidh dancer, then come along for a great evening. Many popular dances such as the Gay Gordons, Strip the Willow, Cumberland Square Eight and Dashing White Sargeant will be on the programme along with many others.

Edinburgh Ceilidh Band HotScotch perform for weddings and functions all over Scotland

Playing for the evening, HotScotch Ceilidh Band, are a very well established three-piece Edinburgh Ceilidh Band and you are guaranteed to have a great time. An exciting mix of accordion, fiddle, and drums will provide just the right atmosphere for a cracking night of ceilidh dancing!

Tickets are available from www.edinburghceilidhs.com and are £6.

This video was taken when HotScotch last played for the Edinburgh Ceilidh Club in February 2016

The summer is a busy time for many ceilidh bands

Summertime is always a busy time for established ceilidh bands since many people choose to get married during the summer months. HotScotch Ceilidh Band enjoy performing for wedding parties around Scotland to help them celebrate the evening with a superb night of ceilidh dancing. A diverse range of venues where the ceilidh bands play range from hotels, to stately homes, marquees, village halls, and many others. This weekend HotScotch Ceilidh Band are performing in Edinburgh’s Botanic Gardens again, followed by Tynninghame Log Cabin, and then Glenskirlie Castle.

Wedding Ceilidh at Edinburgh Botanics with HotScotch Ceilidh Band

The Ceilidh Band will call the dances so if some people are not sure what to do, need a reminder or have never done ceilidh dancing before, then they’ll be able to join in without any problems and have a great night. Some of the popular dances are the Gay Gordons, Strip the Willow, Dashing White Sergeant, Flying Scotsman, Military Two-Step, Eightsome Reel, Canadian Barn Dance. The ceilidh band and usually finish up the night with a big Orcadian Strip the Willow to get everybody involved on the dancefloor.

Choose HotScotch Ceilidh Band for your event

Ceilidh Bands in Scotland

Have you been let down by your choice of ceilidh bands in the past? Then don’t give up – HotScotch is a little different. The group have played at events not only in Scotland but the north of England and even overseas, with more and more demand for their services appearing all of the time. The band can even call ceilidh dances if your guests are inexperienced with the form, and can also provide lighting and disco facilities to make your night go with a bang. The band have played at birthday parties, corporate events, weddings and more, and are able to connect with various types of audiences.Looking for Ceilidh Bands in Scotland - HotScotch Ceilidh Band will ensure you have a superb night of music and ceilidh dancing for your event.

True Authenticity

HotScotch use a range of accordion, fiddle and drums to create music that’s bound to enthral your guests. The band’s website plays host to various YouTube clips and testimonials, which have convinced a wealth of clients to place a booking. The band’s fast-paced, highly-energetic music brings a gleeful atmosphere to events, making them truly unforgettable. If you’re looking for ceilidh bands in Glasgow, Scotland, Stirling, Dunfermline, Edinburgh or the north of England, of the highest quality, look no further than HotScotch Ceilidh Band. Simply visit their website to find out more information. www.myceilidh.co.uk




Ceilidh Bands Edinburgh – A Globally Renowned Ceilidh Band

Where to Find Traditional Scottish Entertainment

Looking for traditional Scottish entertainment? Then why not hire a ceilidh band? Whether your event is a birthday celebration, a wedding reception or a corporate function, a ceilidh band can create a really fun and relaxed atmosphere for your event. Many people throughout Scotland and the north of England hire renowned ceilidh band HotScotch to provide the entertainment for their events. The band play accordion, fiddle and drums to create a sound that’s as exciting as it is unique.

Michael Haywood - fiddler with HotScotch Ceilidh Band from Edinburgh, performing at Edinburgh Ceilidh Club HotScotch 9

A Globally Renowned Ceilidh Band

HotScotch has made a name for itself in Scotland and plays regularly at venues in Edinburgh, Glasgow, Dunfermline and Stirling.  However, it is also known throughout the world and has played at various overseas functions. In fact, the band has recently played at a Festival of Scottish Music and Culture in Moscow as well as weddings in Greece and Monte Carlo. Wherever you are in the world, if you want to hire a professional ceilidh band for your event, get in touch with HotScotch today. Learn more about this highly-regarded ceilidh band today or to discuss your requirements with the band’s Accordionist Paul Chamberlain call 07799 896050 or 0131 333 4319.

 Ceilidh Bands Edinburgh

Ceilidh bands can turn a good evening into a great one, and the band HotScotch can be booked for a whole array of social gatherings including birthday parties, corporate events and wedding receptions to name but a few. For those who don’t know, a ceilidh is a social event where Gaelic music is played, usually including instruments like accordions, fiddles and drums. An experienced ceilidh band can contribute to an excellent party atmosphere, and HotScotch can even offer a disco and lighting package as part of an event to ensure that goes with a bang rather than a whimper.

Everyone Welcome

HotScotch are one of the most popular ceilidh bands in Scotland and it has played at a huge number of events. Whereas traditional Scottish country dancing is usually competitive in nature, ceilidh dancing is not, making it possible for people of all generations and skill levels to enjoy it. The dancing is typically fast-paced, making it great fun for all concerned. Inexperienced dancers can have the various dances explained to them before they begin. Why not get in touch with HotScotch today if you’re looking for ceilidh bands in Edinburgh, Scotland, Glasgow, Stirling, Dunfermline or the North of England? Visit the website to find out more – www.myceilidh.co.uk


Choosing a Ceilidh Band for your event

Making sure you have the right entertainment for your event.

When it comes to organising an event with musical entertainment there are many different things that one has to consider in order to make it as successful and enjoyable as possible. If these areas are carefully looked at in detail whilst planning the event, then it will have a much higher chance of great success.

Choice of Music

Of course, right at the top of the list is the decision as to the type of music required for the vent and how this will fit in with the other aspects. Background music by a solo pianist will provide a great ambience during a meal for instance, whereas a Scottish Ceilidh Band will ensure a great fun, social night for all attendees.

Finding the best entertainment to suit the venue

The type of entertainment also depends on the venue in which it is to be held. If one if looking at a dancing scenario, then there must be adequate space on the dancefloor, or room for the venue to lay down a good-sized floor if there isn’t already on there.

Types of Bands

Again, the type of band is crucial to the success of the event. Bands range from Pop, Rock, Funk, Jazz, Salsa, Ceilidh Bands and many more. There is a great variety in the line-up of all of these types of bands, and that must also be taken into consideration to suit the size of venue and the budget of the event.

How to choose the most suitable band for your function

To make a choice as to the most suitable band for your function, you must consider the type of event, theme of the event, the target audience or attendees if it is a corporate function, and pick a style of music that will appeal to the greatest range of your guests.

Listening or Dancing

At any type of social event, there will always be some guests who are not able to participate in the dancing due to age, fitness or other reason. It is therefore essential that the music being provided for the guests is enjoyable to listen to if one is not dancing. Scottish Ceilidh Bands are ideal in this situation as the music is lively, tuneful and the sort of thing that people will naturally tap their feet along to and enjoy whether they are able to dance or not.

Many people only get the chance to participate in Scottish ceilidh dancing when they attend weddings in Scotland. There are however, many public ceilidhs which take place regularly all over the country and it is worth seeking out what is happening in your area so that you can enjoy this great form of entertainment all year round.


Ceilidh Bands Edinburgh

Ceilidh Bands Edinburgh

Are you looking for a high-energy ceilidh band in Scotland? Then find out more about HotScotch today. This exciting ceilidh band plays a thrilling mix of traditional and contemporary music that your whole party will love. Whether you’re looking for quality entertainment for a wedding, a birthday party or for a corporate function, you can rest-assured that HotScotch will have the whole room up on their feet. Accordion, fiddle and drums combine perfectly to create just the right atmosphere for your event.

Music to Celebrate to

Ceilidh music is the ideal entertainment for a celebration of any kind. HotScotch has a lively style of playing and the band go above and beyond to ensure that everyone is up on their feet and having a great time. They cater to all ages groups and for everyone from experienced ceilidh dancers to casual party-goers and anyone in-between. Whatever your event, hire HotScotch and make sure it’s a memorable occasion for all involved. The band are based in Edinburgh, however they play at venues throughout Scotland and the North of England. So whether you’re in Glasgow, Stirling, Dunfermline or anywhere in Northern England, find out more today. For further information visit the website.

Busy summer for Edinburgh Ceilidh Band HotScotch

Edinburgh based HotScotch Ceilidh Band have had a very busy summer this year playing for functions around Scotland. What better way to celebrate at a wedding than an evening of ceilidh dancing where all the guests can have a great time. Accordionist Paul Chamberlain guides everybody through the dances so that they all know the basic steps and can fully enjoy the experience. All of the most popular dances are featured during a ceilidh with this Edinburgh Ceilidh Band, from the Gay Gordons, to the Dashing White Sargeant, Strip the Willow, Eightsome Reel, Canadian Barn Dance, Military Two-Step, Circassian Circle, Flying Scotsman, Virginia Reel, Cumberland Square Eight.

Ceilidh Bands come in all sorts of sizes and line-ups, and it is often down to personal preference which style of playing one prefers. The traditional line-up of Accordion, Fiddle and Drums can be augmented to include other instruments such as bagpipes, guitars, keyboard and double bass. One should also be satisfied when deciding on a band, that they use high quality, professional audio equipment capable of providing crystal clear sound.

Which are the most common dances?

Most Scottish Ceilidh Bands will have a caller, who will ensure that if some guests are not sure what to do, need a reminder or have never done ceilidh dancing before, then they’ll be able to join in without any problems and have a great night. Usually the caller will talk the guests through the dances and may also do a walk-through prior to beginning each dance. Some of the most popular dances are The Gay Gordons, Strip the Willow, The Dashing White Sergeant, The Flying Scotsman, Military Two-Step, The Eightsome Reel, Canadian Barn Dance, The Virginia Reel, The Cumberland Square Eight, and The Orcadian Strip the Willow.

How large does the dance floor need to be for Ceilidh Dancing?

All hotels and wedding venues will either have a dance floor built into the room, or will put one down prior to the evening function commencing. These vary greatly in size, but the generally, the larger the dancing area, the better.

Ceilidh and Disco Combination

Many Scottish Ceilidh Bands now offer an evening consisting of both Ceilidh Dancing and Disco music. This can be the perfect combination to cater for all tastes during the function and much more economical than hiring a Ceilidh Band and a separate DJ. It is usually possible to request certain tracks to be either played or avoided during the disco. Some couples decide to provide a complete playlist for the DJ, while others will make a list of the favourites to be included in the evening. Disco lighting is important and the addition of professional lighting effects makes the complete Ceilidh/Disco package.

HotScotch Ceilidh Band are one of the finest ceilidh bands in Scotland and have played for over 500 weddings since 2006. Their vast amount of experience will guarantee a professional and fun evening.