Booking a Ceilidh Band for your Wedding

As a recently engaged couple planning your dream wedding, there are a huge list of things to discuss, decide and subsequently book to ensure that your precept day is one which you will cherish and remember for ever with the fondest of memories.

Firstly, deciding when and where often depends on availability of wedding venues and this can be sometimes over a year in advance. It is right to consider all aspects of the venue such as location, number of guests it can accommodate, suitable dance floor, catering (in-house or external). Then there is the the service itself, vows, wedding cars, entertainment, wedding breakfast menu, evening buffet, and many other things too. HotScotch are listed in the Edinburgh Wedding Directory, a recently published website with a whole host of wedding suppliers based around the Edinburgh area.

Scottish Ceilidh band HotScotch are one of the finest Ceilidh Bands in Scotland. Lively, Energetic, Fun music for weddings, and other events.

The evening reception entertainment is a vital past of the wedding and a fantastic way to celebrate your wedding is by booking a traditional Scottish Ceilidh Band. This is a great way of ensuring that you and your guests have an energy-filled and enjoyable evening dancing to great live music. Ceilidh dancing is very social and also helps to mix both sides of the wedding party. It doesn’t matter if some people have never been to a ceilidh before or think they can’t remember the steps for the popular dances. A professional ceilidh band such as HotScotch will talk you through the dances so that everybody knows what to do and can really enjoy themselves.

HotScotch are one of Edinburgh’s top Ceilidh Bands and have played for literally hundreds of weddings over the years. Accordionist Paul Chamberlain, who was the first person to graduate with a Masters Degree in Accordion performance from the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland has played at concerts and events around the world and has led HotScotch Ceilidh Band since it’s formation in 2006.

HotScotch can also provide a disco & lighting package alongside the ceilidh should you wish to have a mixture of music during the evening.

The band travel all over the country to play so whether you’re looking for ceilidh bands in Glasgow, ceilidh bands in Scotland, ceilidh bands in Stirling, a ceilidh band in Dunfermline, or an Edinburgh ceilidh band of the highest quality, look no further than HotScotch Ceilidh Band. Simply visit their website to find out more information and get a quote for your wedding.

New Video of Scottish Ceilidh Band HotScotch from a wedding at Houston House

HotScotch Ceilidh Band play all over Scotland for a variety of functions, but specialise in providing a professional evening’s entertainment for wedding receptions. They have years of experience between them, and have now been playing for over 10 years as a band.

This video was taken as the band had a soundcheck after setting up before the evening reception began. A very compact three-piece set-up comprising of Accordion, Fiddle and Drums, HotScotch Ceilidh Band can adapt to suit any size of venue and Houston house has a wonderful large ballroom with plenty of space for dancing.


Accordionist and leader of the band, Paul Chamberlain  is  an  accomplished  player and  has  won  many  competitions  with  his  playing  in both  classical  and  Scottish  music  styles.  He  has  made  appearances  at  music  festivals around  Europe  and  also  performed  on  live  television  in  Russia  and  Finland.  He  formed HotScotch  Ceilidh  Band  in  2006  and  his  arrangements  and  lively  style  of  playing  bring  a fresh  feel  to  the  music.  In  October  2010,  Paul  represented  the  UK  at  the  accordion  world championships  in  Croatia.  He  graduated  with  a  Masters  in  Music  (performance)  from  the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland and teaches at the Merlin Academy of Traditional Music.

Choosing a Ceilidh Band for your event

Making sure you have the right entertainment for your event.

When it comes to organising an event with musical entertainment there are many different things that one has to consider in order to make it as successful and enjoyable as possible. If these areas are carefully looked at in detail whilst planning the event, then it will have a much higher chance of great success.

Choice of Music

Of course, right at the top of the list is the decision as to the type of music required for the vent and how this will fit in with the other aspects. Background music by a solo pianist will provide a great ambience during a meal for instance, whereas a Scottish Ceilidh Band will ensure a great fun, social night for all attendees.

Finding the best entertainment to suit the venue

The type of entertainment also depends on the venue in which it is to be held. If one if looking at a dancing scenario, then there must be adequate space on the dancefloor, or room for the venue to lay down a good-sized floor if there isn’t already on there.

Types of Bands

Again, the type of band is crucial to the success of the event. Bands range from Pop, Rock, Funk, Jazz, Salsa, Ceilidh Bands and many more. There is a great variety in the line-up of all of these types of bands, and that must also be taken into consideration to suit the size of venue and the budget of the event.

How to choose the most suitable band for your function

To make a choice as to the most suitable band for your function, you must consider the type of event, theme of the event, the target audience or attendees if it is a corporate function, and pick a style of music that will appeal to the greatest range of your guests.

Listening or Dancing

At any type of social event, there will always be some guests who are not able to participate in the dancing due to age, fitness or other reason. It is therefore essential that the music being provided for the guests is enjoyable to listen to if one is not dancing. Scottish Ceilidh Bands are ideal in this situation as the music is lively, tuneful and the sort of thing that people will naturally tap their feet along to and enjoy whether they are able to dance or not.

Many people only get the chance to participate in Scottish ceilidh dancing when they attend weddings in Scotland. There are however, many public ceilidhs which take place regularly all over the country and it is worth seeking out what is happening in your area so that you can enjoy this great form of entertainment all year round.