Where to Find Traditional Scottish Entertainment

Where to Find Traditional Scottish Entertainment

Looking for traditional Scottish entertainment? Then why not hire a ceilidh band? Whether your event is a birthday celebration, a wedding reception or a corporate function, a ceilidh band can create a really fun and relaxed atmosphere for your event. Many people throughout Scotland and the north of England hire renowned ceilidh band HotScotch to provide the entertainment for their events. The band play accordion, fiddle and drums to create a sound that’s as exciting as it is unique.

Edinburgh Ceilidh Band HotScotch - Accordion, FIddle & Drums

 A Globally Renowned Ceilidh Band

 HotScotch has made a name for itself in Scotland and plays regularly at venues in Edinburgh, Glasgow, Dunfermline and Stirling.  However, it is also known throughout the world and has played at various overseas functions. In fact, the band has recently played at a Festival of Scottish Music and Culture in Moscow as well as weddings in Greece and Monte Carlo. Wherever you are in the world, if you want to hire a professional ceilidh band for your event, get in touch with HotScotch today. To learn more about this highly-regarded ceilidh band visit the website today or to discuss your requirements with the band’s accordion player Paul Chamberlain call 07799 896050 or 0131 333 4319.

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